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Dan Ross is located in Annapolis
County, Nova Scotia, and he
offers boarding, residency
training, and behavioural
consults. Pick up and drop off is
available to most areas of
Halifax, Bridgewater, and the
Annapolis Valley. If you are
interested in dog training, you
should first click on Dan & His
Training Methods to read about
how he trains. Then look into
Products and Services for pricing
information. If you are thinking
about adding a new dog to your
family, check out Choosing a Dog
for valuable information that will
help you decide on a puppy or a
rescue. Remember: no dog is too
old to train and no puppy is too
young to start learning the proper
behaviours that are necessary if
he or she is to become a
well-mannered and obedient
adult dog. Thank you for taking
the time to visit this site, and
have a nice day.
Offering Residency Training, Boarding, Behavioural Consults, Training Videos, and Locally Made Leather Leashes and Collars.