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Want to help out?

These are ways to help best, and we need it all...

1.) Stuff... namely:

Dry Food- please no 'ol' Roy' or 'No name.'

Our brands of choice are Acana, Orijen, Fromm, Horizon, Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul, Oven Baked, Wellness, Canidae, Go, Now, Taste of the Wild and Nature's Domain(Costco's grain-free). The cheaper brands aren't nutritionally sufficient, and because many rescue dogs need some special TLC, they need the best food to help them

Clean Blankets- old comforters, old blankets, dog bed covers, even large old towels. No sheets please, right now we have too many!

Biscuits- Mmmmm, cookies. Any will do!

Toys- Every dog likes to have some toys, and while we have an ample supply of tennis balls (A special thank you to Michelle Karis), we need pretty much anything you can think of: Rope toys, kongs, nylabones, some squeekies, and Wubbas.

Crates- Larger sizes preferred. When dogs are in foster homes, they will need to be in crates for a bit, so we need to have a pool of kennels for distribution.

We can collect donations, in most cases, so please contact us if you have some. Our email is pawsacrossborders@gmail.com

2. Cash. We have vet bills, transport bills, occasional boarding fees, and food if we don't have enough donated food. This money has to come from somewhere and the adoption fees don't always cover it all. This is a non-profit organization; we are doing this to help, not to make money.

3. Foster Homes: Folks, we need your help! We are bringing the dogs here, but the more help looking after them, the more we can save. Fostering involves bringing the dog into your home and treating it like your own until a forever home can be found. We'll pay any vet bills and can also provide food if desired. After a brief meeting, you'll receive your approval and you can look after a dog that desperately needs your love and guidance. I can honestly tell you, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a dog that finds its forever home. The smile and gratitude on the dog's face will melt your heart. Knowing you were able to give that dog a second chance, when without your help, it would have been killed for no other reason than there was no space left at the "dog dump".

Normal time-range in foster is 2 weeks to 2 months. There are a lot of people that can't bear to get emotionally attached, so they don't foster for that reason. A little bit of heartache on your part saves a life; doing nothing means that is one less dog that made it out alive. It is bittersweet... you grow to love the dog, but you are so happy to see the dog in a home where it will be forever. But there are many more out there that need you, so pull up your socks and volunteer to help us out!

4. Tell a friend. If your friend is looking for a dog or thinking about getting one, please point them in the direction of a rescue dog. There is literally every breed of dog and mix thereof out there that need a home, of all ages. There are few good reasons to get a dog from a breeder when shelter dogs die for no reason other than there is no space left for their unwanted souls.
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From donations to fostering, there are many ways you can help Paws Without Borders give deserving dogs a second chance.