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“Dan has made a significant difference in the lives of the animals and the rate of adoption here in my rescue program. He has a great deal of patience, understanding, and persistence with the animals.”- Kathy J, Operator of All Heart Pet Rescue
"His professionalism and knowledge made the exercise very pleasant and the fact that he came to our home and worked around our schedule was perfect. We would certainly recommend Dan for training, his methods worked very well, and we appreciated this obvious love for animals while working with our pet."- Dr. Paul and Patricia Kendall, Sackville Animal Hospital

“We continually heard remarks from our friends who couldn’t believe that our puppy was so well-behaved. Our Lanie was so well mannered that we felt as though we had missed the terrible ‘puppy period’ and skipped right to the enjoyable puppy moments. If I hadn’t witnessed the quick and positive results of dog training with Dan, I wouldn’t have believed how effective it could be done.”- Mary Lecour

“I adopted my Dane/Pointer from a rescue shelter when he was 8 months old. In addition to training the dog, Dan trained me! Now I am in complete control, which is particularly important with a dog of this size.”- Carol Hunnisett

“It was great that Dan came to our home because our two dogs had very different needs. Dan individualized each dog’s training based on their different personalities. He showed patience, understanding, and care with our dogs. We loved that he focused on positive reinforcement. I would definitely recommend his quick and effective methods of training. Dan not only trains the dog, but the owner as well.” -Jay Turple and Christine Preston
"My wife and me were looking for a dog trainer in the Halifax area to help us with our Doberman, Thunder, and I found Dan's site after some google-ing. After a quick look, I wrote him an email and set an appointment. He came to our home and showed us some training techniques, but more important, me and my wife also received some education about dog training, how to be in charge, and what to do! Right after the first home visit, we saw improvement with our dog! It is amazing how our dog started to listen so quickly to him.

“Dan provided an individual training program that guided us through the basic commands and moved into advanced skills at a very manageable pace. He was firm and clear in his instruction method. His methods were very effective and he was available for full consultations as required.”- Dr. George M. Nicholl

Listen to what Dan says... he is a professional. Invest more time to train your dog, play with your dog, and go for a walk. Like Dan told me: "Owners need to be consistent and expect perfection." It took me some time to realize that I really was my dog's best friend! Today, with the training and the change of attitude toward our dog, he is a like a piece of velcro :) always following us everywhere. Many thanks to Dan! - Thunder and his mom Myrna