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The Beginning

Molly came into my life at the beginning of 2006. I met Molly, a six-year old Doberman, who was aggressive towards all dogs, never played with anybody, and was fearful of men, when I went over to correct those behaviours. The first lesson she bit my foot and tried to kill my Shepherd, Magnus. Shortly thereafter, I started spending time with her owner, and along with her came Molly. So I was able to work with her on a near daily basis to improve her behaviour. There were many frustrations along the way, as Molly's on lead behaviour towards other dogs was embarrassing and difficult to deal with; however a few months of consistent work, Molly began to turn around. While there were still frequent issues between Magnus and Molly, and the fact they never tried to play, progress was being made.
Magnus and Molly
The Day of Miracles

One day over the summer, Molly pounced on Magnus. Magnus pounced back and the playing began. I stood there silently in awe, as the aloof, aggressive Molly started playing in a purely friendly way. Ever since, Molly and Magnus play on a daily basis. Molly has since become much happier and secure in her daily life. She easily socialized with many dogs, and I often take her along with me to lessons. She loves her walks, and never shows aggression. She has come such a long way, and now she leads a normal, happy dog's life, and plays everyday with the boarders/daycare dogs.
Molly has since passed on, and she is dearly missed. She loved the cat and played frequently with the other dogs she met. She was a great dog:)
Molly playing
with Auz
The Moral

A lot of people have aggression problems with their dogs. A LOT. I tell this little story so that everybody may realize that there is hope for their dog. Molly was as bad as I see on a near daily basis. She took a lot of work, but the progress was made. Now she is happy and gets along great with other dogs. She has even played in a group of dogs environment. So no matter how bad your dog problem is, it can be fixed!